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Keynote Topics

LouAnn Clark's speaking engagements have resonated with audiences across the country. Her ability to deeply connect with listeners allows her to help them unlock their potential. If self-doubt, anxiety, and unproductive thinking habits are holding you or your team back, LouAnn can help. 

The Ultimate DIY Project: How to Fix Up Your Thinking

Thinking is a skill. It is learned, and it can be improved with practice. Unfortunately, most of us just picked it up along the way the same way we learned to speak, by observing those around us. By deliberately learning to improve your thinking skills, you can dramatically improve your success—career, financial, and personal—while minimizing anxiety and negative emotions. LouAnn will give you the tools to tinker with your own thinker. 

If You Only Knew: What Would You Do
If You Only Knew You Could?

What is stopping you from going after the goals you only dream of? You are not too lazy, too old or too young, or even too busy. If you change your perceptions of yourself and your environment, you can see possibilities instead of limitations. Let LouAnn open your mind by teaching you to challenge assumptions and beliefs that keep you stuck. You can start your journey to the life of your dreams. It all begins when you learn you can.

Use Your Inside Voice: How to Turn Your Inner Critic into Your Inner Coach

We know we are capable of doing, being, and having more, if only we could get motivated and maintain change. If you have a critical voice inside your head that drives you relentlessly toward unrealistic standards, you may give up before you even begin. How can you stop harsh self-judgment from sabotaging your efforts to grow and achieve more success? How about turning that inner critic into an inner coach? LouAnn will show you how.

Video from a recent event

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