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What Organizers Say

[LouAnn was] a great coach on resiliency, practicing self compassion, and pointing out that we have a hard time giving to ourselves. The audience took away the attitude of becoming our own pet project and realizing that 'what we chose to see we will find.' [LouAnn is] a gifted and inspiring speaker, and we so appreciate [her] sharing [her] gifts with us!

Lisa B.

[LouAnn] was tremendous! She delivered MORE than promised. She is an amazing storyteller, delightfully funny, and connected with the audience in a way that most speakers can’t.

Clay C.

Our audience was deeply engaged by LouAnn’s message and survey feedback was excellent.

Laura W. 

[LouAnn] was very inspirational and connected with the women that were at the event. Immediately following the event, I heard from several of our members how much her speech truly touched them personally. I think we'll be hearing 'Don't talk to my friend that way!' for the rest of the week!

Brittany G.


What Audiences Say

Empowering and uplifting session with actionable steps to change the negative thinking habits that can have a crippling effect on our ability to reach goals.

Amber J.

It gave me tools to speak/quiet my inner critic and this was certainly new & nothing I had thought of doing previously!”

Debbie A.

Thank you for your speech. It impacted me in an unexpected way. I found myself tearing up as your words pierced my heart with their truths. Thank you for empowering me with positive ways to ‘shut down’ or ‘work with’ her.

Melissa C. 

Thank you for taking the time to come and speak to us. I appreciate your raw honesty, care, and wisdom. Your words and perspective are truly inspiring, especially for a young woman beginning her life. Thank you!

Gracie P.

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