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Renovational Speaker
LouAnn Clark

Overcome your inner critic

The world doesn't change. You do.

  • Overcome the negative self-talk keeping you from progress

  • Retrain your brain to combat anxiety and self-doubt

  • Take control of your success by improving your thinking habits

See LouAnn in Action

Meet LouAnn Clark

Renovational Speaker

LouAnn Clark spent two decades battling depression before she learned to become happier and healthier by taking control of her own thoughts. 

Today, she is an award-winning speaker and host of the former podcast, A Decided Difference. She is also the author of the book, A Decided Difference, published in 2020. 

She offers strategies and practical techniques to help you overcome stress, anxiety, sadness, and fears. A dynamic storyteller, her refreshing "renovational" approach to change enables her to connect and inspire audiences everywhere. 

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