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A Decided Difference

What is "a decided difference?"

It is the difference you make in your own life, through the decision to choose your own thoughts and behaviors. Happiness and success are choices, supported by habits of healthy thought. You can decide to be happy if you are sad. If you are already happy, you can also decide to be even happier.

I know these methods work, and I want to share them with everyone who is interested in making a better life for themselves. If you would like to submit a question for the podcast or share a success story, click here.

The world doesn’t change,

you do. Learn more

LouAnn Clark
Wife, mom, daughter. Writer, speaker, blogger
Depression sufferer 1981-2003
Depression survivor 2003-present
Post-Depression thriver!

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Starting over (podcast)

April 21

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Decided Difference
Starting over: A Decided Difference podcast 058
Wednesday Link-up: Is biology destiny? - April 23

How much control do we have over our behavior? Can we choose to feel and behave in ways that are inconsistent with our biology? I believe we have power, but you don't have to take my word for it. How about the word of a neuroscientist,...

Starting over (podcast) - April 21

It's spring, and the natural world is starting over. You can, too, at any time you choose.

How we think can make a difference in whether we achieve the change we want. In this week's podcast, I give you ideas for starting over (and over and over,...

March 31
Serious about fun in this week's podcast! http://t.co/JsVudKxJGm Listen and go be happy today!
March 17
Are you getting what you deserve? You might think differently after hearing this podcast. http://t.co/cN9ieBWUMp